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''Pantomime Quiz'' - Misc 1951 episode

Published 1951

An episode of the long-running early television series "Pantomime Quiz", a simple game show. Possibly aired 2 April 1951. Celebrities are: Jean Wallace, Dorothy Patrick, Greg McClure, Frank DeVol, Vincent Price, Hans Conried, Adele Jergens, and Jackie Coogan.

Run time 26:12
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: BreelovesVP - - December 23, 2014
Subject: Beauiful
I can't say how many times I have watched this within the past two months more than anyone person could probably watch it because it has my favorite person ever Vincent Price. I just love him to pieces and have been watching these videos as well as stump the stars even though he isn't on stump the stars, wish he would have been though that would have been amazing!! Thank you for posting these.